5,300 licensed specialists form an integral part of the workforce at NTT FACILITIES Group.
The 5,300 specialists in various fields of technology enable us to offer the highest level of professionalism in pursuing our mission of creating fertile information environments for future generations

1st class registered architect 736
2nd class registered architect 222
1st class construction foreman 237
2nd class construction foreman 33
1st class civil engineering manager 20
2nd class civil engineering manager 14
Building mechanical and electrical engineer 169
1st class piping works execution managing engineer 251
2nd class piping works execution managing engineer 103
1st class electrical works execution manager 473
2nd class electrical works execution manager 147
Architectural equipment inspector 160
Interior planner 43
Architectural estimate appraiser 329
Professional engineer 69
Facility manager 634
CASBEE Accredited Professional 438
Construction manager(CCMJ) 74
Project Management Professional(PMP) 185
Real estate transaction authorized sales staff 281
Building sanitation engineer 550
Pollution control manager 18
Fire protection manager 536
The Chief of Supervisory Duties 80
1st class chief electrical engineer 13
2nd class chief electrical engineer 112
3rd class chief electrical engineer 1,771
1st class electric work specialist 1,049
2nd class electric work specialist 670
Class1 technical engineer for private power generating facilities 256
Special electrical worker 376
Qualified person for energy management of 1st class designed factory 511
Chief telecommunications engineer 86
Certificate of Qualification for Managing Engineer 698
hazardous materials engineer(Classes I, II and III) 2,445
Fire protection engineer(Classes I and II) 957
Certified fire protection inspector (Classes I and II) 297
1st grade boiler operator 198
Boiler mechanic 35
Refrigeration safety certified manager (Classes I, II and III) 420
CompTIA 164
ORACLE MASTER Gold / Silver 13
BCMS Provisional Auditor 1

(As of April 2018)