A Message form the President

Atsushi Ichihoshi President and CEO : Photo

Inspired by our slogan "Smart & Safety," we will continue to contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Promoting environmental management with a view to achieving a sustainable society is a crucial endeavor for companies.
Long-term targets have been set as part of efforts to tackle global warming, which is a serious issue that concerns the entire world. Japan has a medium-term target of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases - which are a major cause of global warming - by 26% from the FY2013 level by FY2030, with high targets set for specific fields, such as businesses and offices, as well as energy.
Under these targets, businesses and offices are required to manage energy use more closely and achieve reductions, by such means as installing highly energy-efficient equipment and instruments and promoting zero-energy buildings. In the energy field, companies are required to seek to expand the introduction of renewable energy that can be produced domestically and which does not emit greenhouse gases, as well as taking appropriate steps to address issues of stability of supply and cost, among others.
Furthermore, we must not forget about initiatives aimed at creating a society in which everyone can live safely and with peace of mind. I believe that adapting to typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, and to climate change resulting from the effects of global warming is a crucial task that we must successfully address if we are to create a robust and sustainable society.

At NTT Facilities, we will contribute to the creation of smart, safe, secure communities by fully leveraging the technology combining elements of ICT, energy, and building technologies that has been cultivated through the NTT Group's energy conservation measures and risk management focused on building and communications equipment. Specifically, we will use this combined technology not only to help customers in the business and office field to meet their greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, but also to formulate and implement business continuity plans centered on disaster countermeasures; create energy networks facilitating local production for local consumption to prevent disruption to the energy supply even in an emergency; and reduce life cycle costs such as building construction costs, utility costs, maintenance and management costs, and repair costs.
We will also seek to popularize and expand the use of renewable energy through the construction and operation of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment for our own company and our customers. Moreover, making full use of technologies that have helped to reduce the environmental burden and achieve lower carbon use throughout society, we will pursue higher-efficiency, lower-cost, stable long-term solar photovoltaic power generation.

Today, companies face a variety of challenges as they seek to achieve a sustainable society. Going forward, as the most trusted partner of our customers, NTT Facilities will seek to achieve optimum energy efficiency through energy management systems based on the IoT, and participate in the megawatt market that is due to be established. Through such endeavors, we will take a broad outlook as we set our sights on the future of the energy, buildings, and environment sectors and will work with our customers to tackle and conquer together the key challenges that they face, thereby continuing to contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Atsushi Ichihoshi
President and CEO
NTT Facilities, Inc.