Kazuhiko Matsubara President and CEO : Photo

Since our founding in 1992, we have provided support to large numbers of customers through a wide range of engineer ing services including building planning, design super vision, CM (constructionmanagement), and facility maintenance and management. The source of the value which we provide is our exper ience and technology that enable us to pursue advanced management–longer lifetimes, higher efficiency, and optimization–throughout the lifecycle of a building or energy system. It is based on the spirit that was instilled in us during our NTT in-house days, which taught us that our work does not end when production is completed, but rather is just beginning.

In recent years, based on the “Smart & Safety”slogan, we have been meet ing customer needs through integrated “Buildings × Energy × ICT” engineering and system services that provide solutions (value), in particular in the fields of data centers, FM (facility management), and smart energy.

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality, the NTT Group has developed a new “Environment and Energy Vision,” and is a iming to achieve both solutions to environmental issues and economic growth, as well as the creat ion of a well-being society, through business style innovations grounded in health management that is suitable for our future distributed network society.

With this background, NTT Facilities intends to play its role in the urban development that is carried out by the NTT Urban Solutions Group, satisfy the d reams and expect at ions of our customers, and contribute to expanding their businesses through consulting, design supervision, FM, energy management, and other services as a facility solutions business.

Our society is currently facing issues including the risk of large-scale natural disasters and global environmental problems, as well as new issues such as the recent pandemic and the need to adapt to changing and diversifying values. This requires innovat ion which is not const ra ined by past conventional wisdom or fixed ideas.

NTT Facilities will face these societal issues directly, and understands the roles and responsibilities which it must fulfill. By creating value that is beneficial to the future of cities, buildings, and energy, we will contribute to the creation of an affluent and sustainable society.

We will continue our ef forts aimed at being the most trusted partner to our customers, and I ask for your renewed support and patronage.

Kazuhiko Matsubara
President and CEO