Head office Granparktower, 3-4-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0023
Board of director
President and CEOAtsushi ICHIHOSHI
Senior Executive Vice PresidentKimio NAKAMURA
Senior Executive Vice PresidentSatoshi USUI
Executive Vice PresidentMikihiro KITAMURA
Executive Vice PresidentKazuhiko MATSUBARA
Executive Vice PresidentSatoshi OKUNO
Senior Vice PresidentHidetaka NAKAGITA
Senior Vice PresidentSatoshi ABE
Senior Vice PresidentTamotsu KOMUTA
Senior Vice PresidentTetsutaro NAKAMURA
Senior Vice PresidentKatsuro MAKI
Senior Vice PresidentSusumu KAWAGUCHI
Senior Vice PresidentAtsushi MURAMATSU
Senior Vice PresidentNaoki KITSUGAWA
Senior Vice PresidentNaoyuki TANIGUCHI
Senior Vice PresidentHiroshi MOCHI
Senior Vice PresidentHiroshi TANABE
Senior Vice PresidentTeruyuki KISHIMOTO
Corporate AuditorSatoru KOHNO
Corporate AuditorJyun OKAYAMA
Corporate AuditorNatsuko FUJIKI

(As of 2019.6)

Operations started December 1, 1992
Capital JPY12.4 billion
Investor NTT Urban Solutions (100%)
5,400(as of March 31st, 2019)
265.5billion (Fiscal Year 2018)
Description of
  1. General contracting of Architecture, Building structure, telecommunications and computer-related power supplies and equipment as listed below
    1. 1) Design, management, and construction
    2. 2) Operation, maintenance and repair
    3. 3) Construction management (management and coordination of construction process as owner's agent)
    4. 4) Cleaning, extermination and environmental monitoring
    5. 5) Surveys, research and development
    6. 6) Development, sale and leasing of fixtures and equipment
    7. 7) Development, production, sale and leasing of software
    8. 8) Collection, transportation and treatment of the general and industrial waste
  2. Planning and consulting work as listed below
    1. 1) Real estate, telecommunications and computer power supply systems
    2. 2) Facilities management for real estate, building fixtures and equipment, interior fixtures and equipment and building environments
    3. 3) Environmental improvement and conservation
  3. Planning, consulting and design for regional development and urban development
  4. Sale, exchange, leasing, management and mediation of real estate and power supplies for telecommunications and computer equipment
  5. Sale and leasing of office equipment, information equipment, mechanical equipment and interior fixtures
  6. Security services
  7. Parking lot management and operations services
  8. Development, design, management, maintenance, sale, leasing and contracting for Privately used generators, air-conditioning systems and associated electrical and heating systems
  9. Electricity and heating supply services using cogeneration systems (systems to simultaneously generate electricity and heat) etc.
  10. Casualty insurance agency services
  11. Asset Appraisal Business
  12. Freight services
  13. All work ancillary to the above