NTT Musashino Research & Development Center:Photo

NTT Musashino Research & Development Center

The NTT Musashino Research & Development Center aims to promote ground-breaking sustainable design and exist in harmony with the rich local environment. The main research zone is located to the north, where the influence of external factors is minimal. The air conditioning comprises ceiling vents and porous floor intakes to ensure a comfortable but flexible research environment. To the south, is a solar energy system, which incorporates double-skin walls and is built in seamlessly to the materials of the building itself. Natural energy is featured wherever possible here, including the use of cooling tubes and well water. There is also a cogeneration system combining fuel cells and a gas-powered engine, as well as an ice thermal storage system for greater energy efficiency and reduce environmental burden.


  • Heat load is reduced through the use of double-skin walls, eaves and high-performance heat-reflecting glass
  • Natural energy is highly featured, e.g., cooling and heating tubes using well water
  • Ice thermal storage system, which requires energy to be used only at night, used for greater energy efficiency
  • Hf lighting and water-conserving devices help conserve energy
  • Trees planted on roads connecting with the buildings help make the installment more environmentally considerate