NTT East Saitama New Urban Center Building:Photo

NTT East Saitama New Urban Center Building

In the heart of the Saitama New Urban Center is the Keyaki Plaza. The property next to this contains a telecom office building erected to be a shining example of the new generation of intelligent building technology. IPv6, the next-generation internet protocol, is used to create an integrated network system for data communication and building management. The system has been built in a way that allows for adaptation for a variety of uses in the future quickly and with minimal burden on the environment. At the same time, the building is designed also to be independent in order to ensure a long service life and a high level of safety and reliability.


  • IPv6-compatible BAS used for greater energy efficiency
  • Ceiling-less, duct-less, floor-based air conditioning system allows spaces to be used interchangeably as offices or machine rooms and keeps initial costs to a minimum
  • Vertically mobile louvers help regulate sunlight
  • Optimal perimeter plans in each direction help minimize PAL values
  • Thorough disaster readiness plan in preparation for external-force situations such as earthquakes, natural disasters and wide-area power outages
  • Highly flexible, vibration controlling oil dampers used to achieve a more sustainable design