Shin Puh Kan:Photo

Shin Puh Kan

Set in a neighborhood bordered nestled between traditional Kyoto landscapes and a business precinct, Shin Puh Kan is a radical conversion of the old Kyoto Central Telephone Office, which was built in the 1920s, into an information-centric commercial facility. In order that the exterior and structure of the building, which were such remarkable examples of their era, could be left intact as much as possible, high ceilings were used and equipment installed inside double floors, and the striking arched beams were incorporated into the new design in order to preserve as much of the old building as possible. Meanwhile, more reinforced concrete walls were introduced to just the right degree to improve the building's earthquake resistance and ensure its reliability.


  • Conversion of a telecom facility into a large-scale commercial complex
  • More reinforced-concrete earthquake-resistant walls installed to ensure earthquake resistance and extend service life
  • High ceilings used effectively to create an efficient plan for housing equipment
  • Designed to fit in harmoniously with surroundings