Akihabara UDX:Photo

Akihabara UDX

This large complex is the central feature of Akihabara Cross Field, built with the aim of fostering next-generation businesses. The use of honeycomb dampers to minimize earthquake vibration and dual telecommunication channels, the elevation of electricity, telecom and other important facilities to upper floors to prevent flood damage ensures a highly reliable building. IPv6 open BAS was employed to create an integrated core network, while the use of BEMS ensures expandability and reliability. Environmental load is minimized by making the upper-floor inter-column spaces open to the outside and installing natural ventilation chambers to improve the indoor environment and lessen the air conditioning load.


  • IPv6-compatible BAS used for greater energy efficiency
  • Ice thermal storage system, which requires energy to be used only at night, used for greater energy efficiency
  • Natural gas cogeneration system
  • Natural ventilation chambers used to improve indoor environment and lessen air conditioning load
  • Thorough disaster readiness plan in preparation for external-force situations such as earthquakes, natural disasters and wide-area power outages