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Verification of grid stabilization with large-scale photovoltaic power generation systems at Hokuto site

Research overview

As large-scale solar energy systems become more widespread, it is predicted that more and more electricity suppliers will install solar energy facilities as part of their large-scale power supply set-up. In which case, it is all the more important that measures be devised to minimize adverse effects on power systems by regulating output fluctuations.
To that end, we at NTT FACILITIES will strive to contribute to the creation of systems that have no adverse effect on power systems by conducting research under contract from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) with three objectives: to develop power conditioners (PCS) for large solar energy installations that contribute to system stabilization and regulation of high-harmonics; to compare the properties of advanced solar cell modules; and to study the design of systems that are economically and environmentally optimal.