BCP Solutions

BCP Solutions

A solid track record and technology built up over long years of experience in telecommunications means steadfast support for business continuity

NTT FACILITIES has been a constant presence in the long history of Japan's telecommunications industry; it being our job to protect telecom facilities from risks so as to ensure that lines of communication remained up in all conditions. Our practical expertise and highly-reliable technology relating to business continuity-a product of our formidable track record-have been melded into 100-year Business Continuity Plan (BCP) solutions. Our 100-year BCP solutions are the vehicle for our unique brand of comprehensive business continuity management, and includes everything from planning and design through to training programs all aimed at ensuring clients' businesses stay up and running in adverse conditions.

*"100-year BCP" is a registered Japanese trademark of NTT FACILITIES.


  • NTT FACILITIES has long provided the comprehensive management-including everything from planning and design through to construction and maintenance-that underpins the Japanese telecommunication industry.
  • NTT FACILITIES has a wealth of experience in helping keep business going through all sorts of incidents and disasters, as well as a comprehensive range of practical strengths in building, energy and infotech.
  • NTT FACILITIES has the technologies to keep clients' facilities safe and sound, including highly earthquake-resistant buildings and reliable power supply, tested and proven through the company's experience with telecommunication services.
  • NTT FACILITIES also develops and implements training, education and demonstration programs based on the company's practical experience with disasters and accidents.