Building Management

Building Management

Building owners and administrators: Here's how you can better protect your buildings

As building equipment evolves, building maintenance and management becomes increasingly important. Upgraded maintenance and management are particularly vital in high-tech buildings that contain server rooms, security systems, uninterrupted power supply systems and the like. NTT FACILITIES' Building Management is built on our track record of having upheld the NTT infrastructure for more than a century and our unrivalled ability to bring together a broad range of comprehensive strengths into a single powerful package. With Building Management, we offer the knowledge and skills regarding maintenance, management and even life-cycle cost control of high-tech buildings such as data centers, financial installations and large-scale office buildings-everything you need to protect your high-tech building around the clock all year round.

Building Management


No-stoppage, no-outage solutions

We offer full support for your data centers, server rooms, telecommunication facilities, security and other vital facilities that keep your business up and running. We make sure your lifeline is never cut.

Energy and CO2 conservative solutions

NTT FACILITIES is a front-runner when it comes to energy conservation technology, and with Building Management you have access to everything we have amassed through our extensive track record. It's not about just furnishing your building with the right facilities; we also provide support for energy conservation and carbon dioxide reduction for greater cost efficiency after operations commence.

Full-support building operation solutions

Building Management makes full use of our wide-area network, which connects 180 locations nationwide, so that our building management professionals can offer you steadfast support for all areas of your building operations.