Data Center

Data Center

From planning to construction and operation: NTT FACILITIES offers comprehensive solutions for reliable, energy conservative, low-cost data centers

NTT FACILITIES offers a comprehensive range of data center solutions, including everything from site selection and countermeasures for power outages, heat, earthquakes, lightning strikes and noise through to security and monitoring and maintenance. The company also has the project management capacity to keep costs, quality and deadlines on track, and thus provide invaluable support for the construction of reliable, low-cost data centers. What is more, our aim is to cut data center electricity consumption by up to 50% through further technological innovations that focus on reliable power supply and air conditioning design and engineering and effectively incorporate computer technology into facilities.

Having been involved with the design and construction of approximately 30% of all data centers in Japan, and with the astounding range of new, energy conserving technologies at our disposal, we at NTT FACILITIES are able to create data centers that are eco-friendly without compromising reliability.

F Data Center
*"F Data Center" is under application by NTT FACILITIES for Japanese trademark registration.



We find the ideal land and buildings for your data center, and look into solutions to address all your concerns such as power outages and heat.


We formulate specific plans for the data center that best suits your data environment, taking into consideration all sorts of issues such as power supply, air conditioning and security to select the right equipment and devices, establish specifications and create floor layout plans.


We carefully administer everything, working with equipment and device manufacturers and construction companies to ensure quality and time management.

Operation, administration

Our specialist engineers are uniquely qualified to monitor and maintain power supply, air conditioning and all other aspects of your data center facilities centrally, and to react swiftly to any incident that may arise.


  • NTT FACILITIES investigates all the options to create data centers tailor made to provide all the functions you require, and provides the steadfast support needed to ensure your data center is reliable and well-balanced.