Green IT Building

Green IT Building

Energy conservation and long-life serve as bases for architectural design that is good for people and the environment

We at NTT FACILITIES effectively integrate unique elemental technologies to combine and systemize such aspects of architecture as safety, reliability, energy conservation, flexibility and consideration for the environment, in order that we can offer buildings that not only have long service lives, but that also have solid environmental credentials. By making effective use of environmentally considerate technologies, we are able to make office buildings that emit approximately 40% less carbon dioxide than existing buildings.

Aims of Green IT Building

We at NTT FACILITIES offer optimal ways to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and cut energy costs of buildings-new and existing-without compromising functionality and safety. We do this by integrating the elemental environment-related technologies currently in use with our own unique technologies.

Elemental building technologies that integrate environmental conservation, functionality and safety

*Figures are current as of April 2009.

A century of experience and a proven track record

NTT FACILITIES has been involved in the business of building lifecycles for more than a hundred years. Beginning with the Save Power campaign of the late 1980s, we have long been a vociferous proponent of the NTT Group's Green Design Guidelines for Buildings. These days, this takes the form of the Total Power Revolution, which promotes energy conservation in all of the approximately 4,000 NTT buildings throughout Japan. These unique innovations have resulted in the reduction of energy consumption by a mind-boggling 2.16 billion kilowatt hours, and the technologies and expertise we have developed over the course of building this impressive track record are now used to power the Green IT Building concept.

260 elemental technologies

Our building plans are carefully compiled to integrate 260 elemental technologies*, including those described above, into an optimized and effective combination to address the broad variety of unique specifications that each project entails, including whether it is a new building or a renovation job, as well as the scale and purpose of the building, in order to ensure it sits as harmoniously as possible with the environment.

2171 solar energy systems installed

The NTT Group Green Design Guidelines for Buildings were established in order to make all group buildings easier on the environment throughout their life cycles by addressing issues such as extending building lifetime, minimizing the use of halons and freons, minimizing and eventually eliminating the use of harmful substances, conserving resources and energy, reducing the amount of waste produced, promoting reuse and recycling of resources and caring for local environments. As of FY2008, NTT FACILITIES had installed an impressive 2171 solar energy systems* based on the principles of the Green Design Guidelines for Buildings.

Environmentally harmonious Green IT Buildings