Green Consulting

Green Consulting

Specialist support for addressing increasingly complex environmental issues

NTT FACILITIES leads the pack on environmentally considerate computer systems, energy and architecture. We have conducted innumerable energy conservation diagnoses, carry out energy management for more than 8,000 buildings, built many environmentally considerate buildings and installed solar energy systems-a truly broad variety of provided services and technologies at our fingertips. We continue to leverage our extensive track record and expertise to assist clients formulate and implement environment-related management strategies such as compliance, carbon dioxide emissions and energy cost reduction, corporate social responsibilities.


The five steps of Green Consulting

We promise solid support to help you meet your energy conservation goals, including everything from current-situation analysis to setting goals, considering feasible measures, setting up implementation structures, implementation and reviews.
We can help you formulate specific, strategic mid-to-long-range plans based on regulations and energy cost risk assessments as well as renovation plans in order to allow you to reduce your business's environmental burden.
NTT FACILITIES has 345* qualified energy managers nationwide, who provide all-encompassing support for clients' efforts to comply with energy conservation laws and local government bylaws.
When a client wishes to take advantage of financial assistance schemes, we at NTT FACILITIES have the considerable merit of being unaligned with any particular manufacturer, and can therefore offer objective advice on selecting the best devices and designs to meet the requirements for aid.

*Figures are current as of April 2010.

Past projects

One-stop support services for office buildings, data centers and educational facilities to help with compliance with energy conservation and environment laws.
Support for office buildings and data centers to help compile reports required under energy conservation laws and Tokyo bylaws related to environmental protection.
Renovation designs for office buildings centered on energy conservation so as to qualify for financial assistance.
"Top Level Installation"* assessment services for office buildings and data centers

*Top Level Installation: A business installation deemed to have met a high standard regarding measures to counter greenhouse gas emissions under Tokyo bylaws related to environmental protection.