Solar power generation systems in schools

Solar power generation systems in schools

Talk to NTT FACILITIES about your needs regarding introducing solar energy systems into schools and the Project for Promoting the Local Introduction of New Energy

  • We at NTT FACILITIES would like to work in tandem with local governments to create optimal energy systems for environmental education.
  • We also cooperate closely with local businesses to help revitalize communities.


Proven track record and unrivalled technology strength

In the past half century, we at NTT FACILITIES have built up the longest history and track record of all solar energy system integrators in Japan, having installed 10 megawatts' worth of solar energy facilities in around 400 locations.


Close cooperation with local governments and businesses

We are eager to work closely alongside local businesses through partial consulting on various solar energy systems, including such aspects as planning, design, and review of materials from prospective clients, review of bids, system operation and environmental education. We also offer a complete range of support services from planning and proposals through to construction and operation.


Safe, high-quality solar energy system construction

We at NTT FACILITIES are able to call on a deep well of experience in architecture, power supply and IT, and have a strong line-up of unique technologies that allow us to cover all the bases, including lightning damage prevention devices, electronic blackboards and other computer gadgets, as well as monitoring and measurement systems.


Solar energy systems that are considerate of architectural concepts and surrounding environments

NTT FACILITIES has around 1,800 electricians and more than 700 first-class architects. When we construct a solar energy system, our specialists make a careful study of all relevant aspects, including building structure, design and power usage, in order that we can deliver the best and most complete system.


A range of cutting-edge projects

We at NTT FACILITIES are involved in a range of solar energy projects, including research into large-scale solar energy facilities in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, under contract from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization* and the Ministry of the Environment's Megawatt Share-Use Model Projects in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture** and Kochi Prefecture.

*Verification of Grid Stabilization with Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems at Hokuto site under contract fro

**Minister of the Environment's Award for Efforts to Prevent Global Warming received for work performed with Saku Saku Himawari, LLP (Saku City, Nagano Prefecture)

Solar energy systems installed in schools

Solar energy systems installed in schools